Traffic is backed up at the Gwydir Highway, Pacific Highway intersection.
Traffic is backed up at the Gwydir Highway, Pacific Highway intersection.

'NIGHTMARE': Readers weigh in on South Grafton traffic woes

HEAVY holiday traffic on the Pacific Highway has brought motorists at South Grafton to a standstill, in a situation described as a "nightmare".

On Friday afternoon cars turning onto the Pacific Highway from the Gwydir Highway were slowed to a crawl with traffic backed up past the Bent St roundabout.

Some readers were exasperated by the issue many said could have been foreseen, while others believe all that is needed is a little patience.

Julie White: Please all, just need to use some common sense and patience. Yes, it is busy, yes, it is holidays, yes everyone wants to get somewhere. But for goodness sake, slow the heck down and obey the speed limits. Do not think that you are a law unto yourself, and rev your "cool" noisy engine, plant your foot, and think you can get to the top of the line by breaking the road rules, cause you are king pin, in your Ford V6 or V8 Ute especially in the middle of speed restricted areas - Jacaranda Motel, Bunnings, and the cross roads, especially.

Margaret Mclean: It has to be expected at this time of the year, no different to Coffs main streets, it's holiday time, everyone gets frustrated, just be patient, everyone is in too much of a hurry these days.
Gloria Jean Smith: The traffic was at a standstill at 10.15am this morning luckily, we were going in the opposite direction. Need a roundabout or another set of traffic lights.

Jacquie Polsen: This is exactly what locals said would happen, but nobody would listen. Both ways from the bridges are a complete stuff up. Yes, it's only a temporary problem but it should never have happened in the first place and shouldn't happen too much after the by-pass is complete.

Karleen Muzzie Murray: This area is an absolute disaster. I try to avoid it if I can. All they have done is transfer the problem to the next intersection. I can't see a roundabout fixing the problem either. No wonder people don't want to stop in Grafton.

Lynette Moore: The road is a nightmare.

Susan Jackson: It's worse coming off the new bridge and then you get stuck at Maccas cause cars are stuck trying to get onto Bent St. It took me 20mins from Maccas to Shell servo.

Maxine Blanchard: Nothing traffic lights can't fix.