KEEN: The lead actors of new show at Maclean Civic Centre
KEEN: The lead actors of new show at Maclean Civic Centre "13" get into character before their performances. Adam Hourigan Photography

New show close to home for young cast

PEER pressure, bullying and finding your place in the world occupy the minds of many teenagers growing up today, so who better to put on a show about it?

Forty-two kids between the ages of 10-17 will take over the Maclean Civic Hall to put on the stage show "13” over the next few weeks, and director Tracie-marie Seipel said the show had brought up a lot of conversations and real life experiences with the cast.

"A lot of them have said how it relates to them, and getting them to understand people who don't think the same as you,” she said.

"(The show) is about going through puberty, peer pressure, bullying, overcoming those things, and finding yourself and finding the joy in accepting who you are.”

The show is staffed entirely by the kids, who are also running stage and lighting, as well as providing the music in the rock band accompanying the songs.

"The kids are really putting themselves out there, we have an especially large male contingent, and they're all doing something that's not seen as normal for their age,” she said.

"There's all sorts of dance numbers, cheerleading, acrobatics and some fantastic singing as part of the show.”

The performances start on October 20 at the Maclean Civic Hall, and run for two weekends from Friday-Sunday, with two shows on the Saturday night, and matinees only on Sunday. The second Sunday performance will be held at the Yamba Bowling Club.

Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for children and are available from the Uniform Shop in Maclean.