Bike Shop Yamba owner Michael Vincent wants to help people make a seachange.
Bike Shop Yamba owner Michael Vincent wants to help people make a seachange.

New project reveals the many lives of Yamba business owners

YOU might not know it from looking at him, but Michael Vincent has lived about nine lives and it was his long and puzzling career path that inspired his latest venture. 

He has been an engineer on a cattle farm, helped make contact lenses, taught aerobics classes and now owns the Bike Shop Yamba.

"There is so many retail businesses and business people in Yamba and you don't know their back story by looking at their shopfront. You wouldn't know their previous history," he said.

His new project, The Seachange Business Podcast began as an idea he had while he was at home one night. It wasn't  long before Mr Vincent and his first guest, Antony Perrin from Irons and Craig, were sitting with a phone between them recording the first episode.

In each episode Mr Vincent delves into the stories of how Yamba business owners got to where they are and the tips and tricks it takes to run a successful business in a holiday town.

He said the podcast was aimed to engage anyone looking to make a seachange to Yamba, or any town similarly positioned as a coastal tourist hub, to provide them with the tools to succeed.

"I didn't start it with the objective of monetising it or making it huge," he said.

"It's not a rush, I'm not trying to market it aggressively." 

Mr Vincent moved to Yamba "by default" four years ago to buy the bike shop as a "consolation prize" to the Sunshine Coast store he really wanted.

"But Yamba turned out to be the real prize" he said. 

He wasn't an avid cyclist at the time but a self-proclaimed "pub rider".

"I ride to the pub, or to the beach. A lot of the people who come in here are the same, so that works really well," he said. 

His engineering background meant the mechanical side of the job came naturally to him.  

Mr Vincent said he is looking forward to expand the podcast to talk to business owners throughout the Valley but wasn't in any rush to get there.