A Gold Coast man has faced Grafton Local Court for leading police on a 8km pursuit.
A Gold Coast man has faced Grafton Local Court for leading police on a 8km pursuit. File

New Harley Davidson owner clueless to cop chase

A 39-YEAR-old Gold Coast machinery operator drove his new Harley Davidson 8km with police in hot pursuit before he pulled over to face the music.

Jeremy Owen Scanes fronted Grafton Local Court last week to answer charges of speeding and not complying with police instructions to stop.

Scane's solicitor Greg Coombes said his client had been riding the motorbike with his earphones in and helmet on and did not notice the police behind him, before they pulled him over near Ulmarra.

"On the objective matter of the seriousness of the charge I would rate this in the mid range," Mr Coombes said.

"For much of the pursuit Mr Scanes rode at speeds under the speed limit."

Mr Coombes also said he had made representations to stipulate the not comply with police instructions was only for the last kilometre of the chase and the distance was 8km not 13km.

Magistrate Greg Grogin was aghast that Scanes had not checked the road behind him while riding for 8km.

"My client's bike was new and he may not have had time to adjust the rear vision mirrors," Mr Coombes said.

"When he realised what was happening, that the lights were for him, he stopped the bike and waved to the police."

Mr Coombes said Scanes had operated machinery most of his working life. Despite a mental condition that left him prone to impulsive, risk taking behaviour he failed to take his medication.

Magistrate Grogin fined Scanes $660 on the speeding matter, and $1200 for not stopping for police. He disqualified him from driving any type of vehicle, anywhere for five months. He also ordered the RMS to investigate if Scanes was a fit and proper person to hold a NSW licence.