Chicchan from Global Healing creates a 'sound bath' using crystalline bowls.
Chicchan from Global Healing creates a 'sound bath' using crystalline bowls. Yamba Yoga Festival

Need to relax this weekend? It may be time to bathe in sound

AS YOGA lovers descend on Yamba this weekend, many will be preparing to bathe in sound.

Ahead of the Yamba Yoga Festival which begins on Saturday, festival creator Rosie Richards has revealed how the diverse offerings are being boosted by a series of special "sound baths”.

"This year the crystal singing bowls are back, which were a real hit in the first year,” she said.

"They are gigantic crystalline bowls which offer vibrational healing.

"It really is quite a beautiful experience. When you have done a lot of yoga all day, to then have a sound bath is quite a phenomenal experience.”

Playing the bowls each morning from 9-10am was Chicchan from Global Healing in Byron Bay, who has travelled all over the country sharing their meditative sounds since the first time she heard them.

"They took me to beautiful space, I felt elevated and clear headed and purposeful,” she said. "I thought well this is what healing is all about so I set about bringing them over and I have been playing them ever since.”

Chicchan said the great thing about listening to the bowls was you "don't have to believe in anything” and just had to "surrender” to their soothing sounds.

"The beautiful thing about the crystal bowls is you don't just hear them with your ears, you hear them and feel them with your body,” she said.

"The more you surrender to the sounds the more powerful it is.”

While people may not instantly associate singing bowls with yoga, Ms Richards said wanted to demonstrate the diversity in yoga so had involved a variety of disciplines.

"There is a lot more depth to yoga and what I try and communicate in the yoga festival is that there are lots of different styles for everybody,” she said.

"Maybe it is just sitting and meditating or sitting and listening to music but really at the end of the day it's about 'are you finding that balance within yourself'.”

Now in its third year the festival was being held at the Raymond Laurie Recreation Centre on Saturday and Sunday and Ms Richards said its presence in Yamba was a great fit.

"The main reason (it is held in Yamba) is it is a great place for people to retreat and to not only do yoga but spend that time looking inwards and finding inner peace as well.”

"Yamba is just a lovely place to retreat for the weekend. It not only has the gorgeous beaches facilities it is a really nice meeting point between Brisbane and Sydney,” she said.

The festival is on Saturday and Sunday at Raymond Laurie Recreation Centre. More information could be found at