Education Minister Grace Grace says people are constantly raising concerns about NAPLAN. File picture.
Education Minister Grace Grace says people are constantly raising concerns about NAPLAN. File picture.

Parents' shock accusation over NAPLAN revealed in review

PARENTS of kids sitting NAPLAN tests have accused schools of "suggesting" their children stay home to boost overall school results, it has been revealed in a Queensland review of the national system.

More than 7500 parents, 3000 students and 6000 teachers, principals and education stakeholders from across the state took part in Queensland review of NAPLAN, released today.

Part of the review stated parents believed schools were suggesting children stay at home on test days "to improve the school's NAPLAN results and protect the school's reputation".

More than half of all parents surveyed also said their children were anxious or very anxious about NAPLAN, and more than 45 per cent believed schools spent too much time preparing students for the tests and kids missed out on other things as a result.

Others expressed concerns that high schools were using individual NAPLAN results as a "de facto entry test".

Meanwhile teachers were also demonstrating high levels of stress and anxiety over the tests, with the "high stakes" leading to a range of "negative consequences for schools, teachers and students".

The review, which began in June last year, also found the delay in receiving NAPLAN data meant it was often largely ineffective for teachers and schools.

Education Minister Grace Grace said today "not a week goes by without someone raising a concern with me about NAPLAN".

She said educators had "expressed concern at the growing amount of time and pressure in preparing for testing; examples of teacher being tailored to NAPLAN resulting in a narrowing of the curriculum; and that NAPLAN data was being misinterpreted as the sole indicator of a school's performance".

Minister Grace said it was important data gained from NAPLAN testing was used for the right purpose, and any additional unintended consequences of the system were addressed.

The Queensland Government has said they would continue to advocate for a national review of NAPLAN.