A whipped cream dispenser, which police alleged was used to consume nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas or nangs.
A whipped cream dispenser, which police alleged was used to consume nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas or nangs. Traffic and Highway Patrol

'Nangs' driver pleads guilty to police pursuit, drug driving

A QUEENSLAND woman who led police on a pursuit through the Clarence Valley while consuming nitrous oxide and throwing the capsules at police before road spikes were used to stop her, has had an application for bail refused.

Mischa Rose, 35, appeared in Grafton Local Court on Monday and entered guilty pleas to a number of driving charges, including police pursuit, driving in a dangerous manner, driving under the influence of drugs, as well as drug possession and throwing objects likely to cause damage and recklessly damaging property.

Rose appeared via video link, and her solicitor Greg Coombes said 18 days in custody since her arrest on December 20 had reinforced the seriousness of the offence.

While Mr Coombes conceded his client has had drug issues in the past, he said that taking drugs out of the equation, Rose's future was much brighter.

The bail conditions proposed by Mr Coombes included close supervision of Rose by her father and entering the Magistrates Early Referral Into Treatment program for targeted drug rehabilitation.

However Magistrate Karen Stafford was not convinced the conditions were enough to protect the community from further offending.

Ms Stafford noted that Rose was on a Conditional Release Order for similar offences from the Mullumbimby area at the time of the pursuit.

Ms Stafford said it was only a "miracle" that no-one was killed in the incident and the dramatic re-offending led her to believe the proposed conditions didn't address her concerns if Rose was granted bail.

On December 20 Traffic and Highway Patrol were patrolling the Pacific Highway at Ulmarra in search of a Queensland-registered vehicle following numerous calls in relation to the manner of driving, as well as reports the driver was consuming nitrous oxide capsules, commonly referred to as nangs or laughing gas. The gas capsules are also used in cream whipping devices.

After locating the vehicle near Ulmarra, police attempted to stop the vehicle, however Rose continued south at or below the speed limit. It took help from the public, including a southbound semi-trailer, to stop the vehicle at Swan Creek.

Police attempted to get Rose out, however she refused to open the doors then accelerated. Police smashed the driver's window to gain access but she fled the scene.

Police continued south along the highway and Rose began throwing the small gas canisters at the police vehicle, causing minor damage.

Police set up road spikes on the highway at South Grafton but Rose managed to avoid the spikes but came to a stop shortly after.

Rose will be sentenced in Grafton on February 18.