bethanie jolly
bethanie jolly

Mossy, DJs, heavy metal, album launches + more this weekend


  • Ford Brothers, from 8.30pm, Clocktower Hotel, Grafton.
  • 2 Way Street, from 7.30pm, Maclean Bowling Club.
  • Ino Pio & Brady, from 8pm, Maclean Hotel.
  • Pablo Blitzer, Naked Bean South Grafton.
  • Ooz, Pacific Hotel, Yamba.
  • Ian Moss, from 8pm, Tickets $60, Saraton Theatre, Grafton.
  • The Deep End featuring Butcher, Slam, Lokeey, Roches Hotel Grafton.
  • Vanessa Lea & Roadtrain, from 7.30pm, South Grafton Ex-Servicemen's Club.
  • Push Band, from 8pm, Village Green Hotel, Grafton.
  • Dean Dee, from 8pm, The Boardwalk Bar, Yamba Bowling Club.
  • Bella Tango, from 7pm, Yamba Golf Club.
  • Triple Threat featuring DJ Breno, RJay & Dollabill, $10 cover charge, Yamba Shores Tavern.


  • Bethanie Jolly (album launch tour) and Peter Hunt, Pelican Playhouse South Grafton.
  • A New Dawn Spring Jam featuring Violent Sun, Throwing Sushi and Cafe Enema, Roches Hotel Grafton.
  • Phat Tracta, 8.30pm-11.30pm, Jacaranda Hotel, Grafton.
  • Moonshiners, Pacific Hotel, Yamba.
  • Split Shift, from 7.30pm, South Grafton Ex-Servicemen's Club.
  • Karaoke, from 8pm, Village Green Hotel, Grafton.
  • Burning Hands (Byron Bay), Yamba Shores Tavern.

Sunday (Father's Day)

  • Drummer not Included, 2-5pm, Jacaranda Hotel, Grafton.
  • Dan Hopkins, from 3pm, Maclean Hotel.
  • The Moonshine, Pacific Hotel, Yamba.


  • Clocky Trivia, 6.30pm, Clocktower Hotel, Grafton.
  • Women's Adventure Film Tour, Yamba Cinema.


  • Trivia, 7pm, Roches Hotel Grafton.

Coming Soon

  • September 7: Mistram, Pacific Hotel Yamba.
  • September 8: Incoming, Pelican Playhouse South Grafton.
  • September 9: Songo d'Italia, Christ Church Cathedral Grafton
  • September 15: Chris Flaskas, Pacific Hotel Yamba.
  • September 15: Seraphim Trio, Clarence Valley Conservatorium Grafton.
  • September 22: Nicks: the sound of Stevie, Grafton District Services Club.
  • September 23: Yamba Food Truck Festival, Yamba Golf Club.
  • September 29: Electric Lemonade, Pacific Hotel Yamba.
  • September 30: Fiona Boyes, Pacific Hotel Yamba.