Stormee Smith and her staff at Jagged Edge Hair and Beauty
Stormee Smith and her staff at Jagged Edge Hair and Beauty

More than just hairdressing at Jagged Edge

ACCORDING to Jagged Edge Hair and Beauty owner Stormee Smith, there's a lot more to hairdressing than being good with the scissors.

"People feel really good after they've left," she said.

"You sort of feel like you're half counsellor, half hairdresser. A lot of people confide in you and they feel quite comfortable."

It's a big part of why the salon was rated as one of the favourites of the Clarence in a recent Daily Examiner Facebook poll.

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"I mean obviously you still need to do good hair," Ms Smith said. "But you need to make people feel like they're comfortable in that environment."

Ms Smith said that importantly word-of-mouth was one of the major reasons that they continued to grow their clientele.

"One good comments always leads to another," she said. "As well as on your Facebook page - people see your creative work, and before and after photos."

Hairdressing since she was 17 years old, Ms Smith said that she still enjoyed the new advances and training in the industry.

"I love that there's always something new to learn - and we're always learning and training," she said.

"Making people feel good about themselves is a really good feeling, and it's amazing what a new hairdo can do.

"Someone could have a downer of day and it's amazing how different they leave."

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