cash, money, generic, hand
cash, money, generic, hand

MISSING CASH? Police looking for owner of sum of money

GRAFTON Police have their hands on some cash, and they're looking for the owner.

But don't think you can bluff your way to a free payday, as Grafton Police officer-in-charge Chief Inspector Jo Reid explained.

"You'll have to provide concrete evidence it's yours," she said.

"We believe whoever owns the cash will know how much, where it was found, and the possible denominations, and also how it was packaged.

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Insp Reid said it was lovely to see that a member of the public had brought the cash forward to find the owner, and said that they mostly saw wallets with small denominations coming in.

"Wallets and phones are the main ones getting handed in, but people still do the right thing," she said.

"There's always people who realise that things are safer here than anywhere else.

"We'll always do our best to track down the owners, and we've got a good success rate."

If the cash is yours, or you know who it may belong to, contact Grafton Police on (02) 6642 0222.