READY TO RUMBLE: Nick Midgley prepares for the bout at Kingcliff Boxing Stables.
READY TO RUMBLE: Nick Midgley prepares for the bout at Kingcliff Boxing Stables. Scott Davis

Midgley gets high profile boost for title fight

BOXING: Kingscliff boxer Nick Midgley has employed the best help available as he goes into battle for the ANBF NSW Cruiserweight Title in Yamba.

Midgley, who is also the lead promoter for the Yamba Big Bash Boxing Night at Raymond Laurie Sports Centre, will fight Sydney's Nick Xipolitas in eight three-minute rounds for the professional belt.

But it is who is in Midgley's corner that will make all the difference, with the Kingscliff fighter trained by Angelo Hyder, the man who led Danny Green to multiple world titles.

"Angelo has been training blokes at the Kingscliff Boxing Stables since he moved up this way about a year ago,” Midgley said.

"He has been keeping a good eye on what I have been doing, and I really have noticed a difference since he has been around.”

With Midgley also training his own crop of fighters in the gym, he does not get a lot of one-on-one time with the boxing great but he has gotten a lot of advice for the title bout.

It will be a big change for Midgley who has had only three fights so far with none of them going beyond four rounds, while Xipolitas has seen the end of an eighth.

"I am planning for this as if it is just another fight, I am not going to get over- awed by the title aspect,”

he said.

"I am fighting a guy who is pretty resilient. He has never been stopped before. But I guess there is a first time for everything.”

While his focus is to stop the fight early, Midgley said he had worked hard on his stamina to ensure he was punching just as hard in the final rounds as in the first.

"I just have to stick to the basics, and do the basics as well as I can,” he said.

"I have sparred with pretty much everyone in the gym, from lightweights to heavyweights. I am ready for it to go the distance.”