JUNIOR ENTRANT: Sahara Powell.
JUNIOR ENTRANT: Sahara Powell.

Meet the candidates: Sahara Powell

Sponsor: Dougherty Property.

Age: 13.

School attending and class: McAuley Catholic College.

How long have you lived in Grafton? Thirteen years, since birth.

What do you like about living here?

I love living in Grafton because I have some amazing friends here. I also love living in a town that's peaceful and beautiful and where I can be surrounded by my animals.

How do you spend your spare time?

I ride and compete regularly in horse competitions. I play netball and represent the Grafton Netball Association. I also enjoy playing touch football and soccer for my school.

Why did you become a Junior Jacaranda Queen Candidate?

I would like to gain more confidence in my public speaking and experience Jacaranda from an insider's perspective. I was inspired by looking through my mum's old Jacaranda pictures over the years.

What event during the Jacaranda Festival is special to you and why?

The event I enjoy the most is the Riverlight Festival, the fireworks are amazing and I love all the food on offer. Jacaranda Thursday is also fun and I love making crazy outfits to wear on the day.

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