LOVES GRAFTON: Miriam Taylor.
LOVES GRAFTON: Miriam Taylor.

Meet the candidates: Miriam Taylor

Sponsor: The Rotary Club of Grafton Midday

Age: 13

School attended and class: Grafton High School - Year 8

How long have you lived in Grafton? All my life. I was born in Grafton.

What do you like about living here?

The community, and my friends and family are here.

How do you spend your spare time?

Singing and writing songs.

Why did you become a Junior Jacaranda Queen candidate?

When I was seven I was a Jacaranda cape fairy and ever since then I've wanted to do it.

What event during the Jacaranda Festival is special to you and why?

Jacaranda Thursday because my friends and I have a tradition where we go to my friend's house that has a pool and we go for a swim afterwards.

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