A man has faced Lismore District Court for a sentencing hearing on his drug charges.
A man has faced Lismore District Court for a sentencing hearing on his drug charges. Marc Stapelberg

Man's car crash injuries led to serious ice problems

A MODANVILLE man who pleaded guilty to supplying the drug "ice" on an ongoing basis will be sentenced later this month.

Brendan Peter Mason, 34, was supported by about 15 loved ones when he appeared in the dock of Lismore District Court on Friday.

Mason had pleaded guilty to two counts of ongoing supply of methamphetamine, supplying a prohibited drug and cultivating seven cannabis plants.

Mason wept in court as his father, Peter Mason, took to the stand and recalled their "close relationship", followed by his son's distance in recent years.

Defence barrister Sophie Anderson called her client to the stand, and Mason recalled having first used drugs about 2003.

Mason said this became a serious problem after he was involved in a car accident - in which he was a passenger - in 2015, could no longer work and turned to illicit substances and gambling.

He said he began using ice, or methamphetamine, on weekends.

But this escalated to daily use within a month.

The court heard he tried to connect with Riverlands - before being charged with his drug offences -but was arrested and taken into custody prior to his appointment.

Mason claimed to have only received "four points", or half a gram, of ice when he supplied the drug to co-offender Lucas John Lavelle.

During the hearing, the court heard a telephone intercept recording in which Mason told a heavily drug-affected Lavelle he could take him to a "chef".

When asked if he ever received money from the drug supply, Mason's answer varied.

"I received drugs," he said.

"But yes, sometimes he put money in the bank."

Judge Julia Baly said she was finding his evidence "very difficult".

"You were supplying drugs to Mr Lavelle?" she asked.

Mason replied: "Yes".

"So you say he wasn't giving you money at all?" Judge Baly asked.

"No... little bits of money were involved, yes," Mason replied.

The court heard he's also been found with prohibited drug buprenorphine in his possession in recent weeks, while on remand at Grafton Correctional Centre.

Ms Anderson conceded her client would spend time in prison, argued Mason had good prospects of rehabilitation, while the prosecution said he had poor rehabilitation prospects.

Judge Baly will hand down her sentence on December 14.