Mr Boyd told the court there were
Mr Boyd told the court there were "various cameras" at the unit which alerted Mr Cruz to his visitors. Warren Lynam

Man with cameras see police at his door, climbs onto roof

WHEN police went to question a Gladstone man they allege was involved in a traffic incident, the man climbed up onto the roof of his home to hide, a court was told.

It was the police allegations against Mark Anthony Cruz that made Magistrate Dennis Kinsella refuse the man's bail in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Monday.

The 45-year-old father was allegedly involved in a traffic incident on May 14, 2019 when police signalled for Mr Cruz to stop the vehicle he was driving.

Police prosecutor Kelvin Boyd said it was alleged Mr Cruz kept driving despite the officer's directions.

Mr Boyd said officers attended Mr Cruz's unit on Flinders St between 26 and 27 July to question him about the incident.

Mr Boyd told the court there were "various cameras" at the unit which alerted Mr Cruz to his visitors.

To escape police, it is alleged Mr Cruz climbed onto the roof off the unit and onto his neighbour's roof.

The court was told Mr Cruz had a serious criminal history.

Defence lawyer Bianca Hight said her client was addicted to drugs.

"He is currently not clean," Ms Hight said.

"...But his room-mates have been clean for some time now and are willing to assist him."

Magistrate Dennis Kinsella told Ms Hight it was difficult to consider bail for a man who, on several occasions, evaded police.

Mr Kinsella noted if released on bail, there was a risk Mr Cruz would not show up to court.

"On two occasions he sought to evade police; first in a vehicle and the second was a high risk attempt to avoid police," Mr Kinsella said.

"He climbed onto (the roof) of the neighbouring residence to avoid going into police custody."

Mr Kinsella refused Mr Cruz bail and adjourned the matters to September 23.