A Grafton man has been sentenced and released on parole on the same day
A Grafton man has been sentenced and released on parole on the same day Caitlan Charles

Grafton man jailed for DV offences

A GRAFTON man has been released on parole after being sentenced to a maximum 18 months behind bars in Grafton Local Court on Monday.

Keiren Painter, 27, previously pleaded guilty to charges of common assault, contravening an apprehended violence order and destroying or damaging property.

According to police facts, in the early hours of February 12, Painter was communicating to the victim via text message and asked to visit the property, however was told not to.

About 2am Painter arrived at the Grafton property in a taxi and knocked on the door, before asking the victim to open the door and pay for the taxi, however the victim refused to let Painter in and told him to go away.

Painter left but returned sometime later and approached the back door, promising the victim that he wouldn't hurt her if she opened the door.

The victim opened the back door and during the exchange caused some damage to the back door.

Upon entering the house, Painter then took out a knife and stabbed a container of cask wine in the sink.

An argument then broke out between the pair, and Painter assaulted the victim before he again left the property. He was arrested by Grafton Police later that day.

In Grafton Local Court on Monday, Painter's solicitor Michael Lantis said his client had experienced long periods of drug and alcohol abuse, and was a regular methamphetamine user since the age of 17, however prior to this incident had been 11 months clean until a relapse which contributed to his offending.

Magistrate Jeff Linden sentenced Painter to 18 months behind bars, but set the non-parole period to expire on Monday. Painter was also sentenced to a Community Corrections Order for the next 18 months.