Reece Limon, 25, has been sentenced after pleading guilty to common assault on his pregnant partner.
Reece Limon, 25, has been sentenced after pleading guilty to common assault on his pregnant partner.

Man avoids jail for assaulting heavily pregnant partner

A SOUTH Grafton man will serve his sentence in the community after pleading guilty to assaulting his 32-week pregnant partner earlier this year.

Reece Limon appeared in Grafton Local Court on Monday facing charges of common assault, intimidation with intent to cause fear of physical harm and damaging property.

According to court documents on the evening of August 4 Limon went out drinking after finishing the last day of work. About 5.30pm Limon messaged the victim that he was home, but after an hour there was no sign of Limon so the victim walked out the front door to look for him.

The court heard the victim found the 25-year-old slumped over the steering wheel of the vehicle parked on the front yard. The victim opened the door and Limon started to ramble and shout abuse.

Document documents reveal the victim took the keys and phone to prevent him from driving due to his intoxicated state and went back inside. The victim then saw a number of things on Limon's phone that upset her and she walked back outside to try and speak to Limon about what she had found.

The court heard Limon became abusive and was extremely agitated. The victim returned inside and closed the front door but shortly after heard loud bangs on the door. Limon kicked the door repeatedly and split the wood, causing cracks in the door and broke the latch that prevented the door from being locked.

Limon then went to the back of the house and entered through the rear door, found the victim in bed and made a threat that "you'll be hung". The victim told Limon to get out of the room a number of times and placed both her hands against Limon's chest to push him out of the room.

The court heard Limon grabbed the victim's face in a hard grip and said "that was self defence" before he left the room. Police were later called and Limon was arrested.

Limon's solicitor Joshua Craig submitted to the court the offences were in the mid-range of objective seriousness. Mr Craig also said his client had recently forfeited a high paying fly in, fly out job to work locally, but had been made redundant and was under a high degree of mental strain at the time.

Magistrate Kathy Crittenden said domestic violence was not tolerated by the community or the court, and the fact that Limon was heavily intoxicated was not an excuse.

Limon was sentenced to a community corrections order for 12 months, including 80 hours community service.