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Clarence Crime

Man accused of Tyndale attempted armed robbery out on bail

A GRAFTON man accused of an attempted armed robbery on the Tyndale Roadhouse service station has been granted bail, after he was sentenced for unrelated drug charges.

Mitchell Brown appeared via audio-visual link in Grafton Local Court on Monday for sentencing, after pleading guilty to supply and possession of a prohibited drug, as well as driving a motor vehicle while suspended.

Brown's solicitor Joe Fahey argued his client was assessed as having a low to medium risk of reoffending, and the drug offences were on the lower end of the scale as the drugs were for personal use and given away to friends, rather than sold for a financial gain.

Mr Fahey said Brown had not spent time in custody before his arrest on October 19, and that the experience was a "very steep learning curve" which reinforced his desire to enter into rehabilitation to address his drug problems.

Magistrate Jeff Linden agreed the drug supply was brought about by Brown providing drugs to his friends at no cost, and sentenced Brown to an 18-month Community Corrections Order, and suspended him from driving for three months.

Following the sentence, Mr Fahey made an application for Brown's bail on another set of charges, including attempted robbery armed with an offensive weapon and larceny, allegedly at the Tyndale Roadhouse service station in 2018.

Mr Fahey said his client was granted bail last year on those charges, but that bail was revoked after his arrest over the drug charges.

Mr Fahey argued there were weaknesses in the prosecution's case, including discrepancies between the description of the offender given by the only witness and Brown's appearance.

Mr Fahey also said the witness allegedly failed to identify Brown in a computer line-up of potential suspects.

Mr Linden granted the request for bail, and imposed strict reporting conditions, a nightly curfew, a ban on approaching the Tyndale Roadhouse and a $2000 bail security agreement. Brown is due to appear in Grafton Local Court again on March 4.