WHAT do you get when you're looking for a fun sport to play but don't want the hassle of competing? Why Lawrence Croquet of course.

What was simply an idea a few years ago has since ballooned into a popular social outing for Lawrence residents.

"It's only been going for three years this September and it's just grown since then," Lawrence Croquet Club member Kathleen Trim said.

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, the ladies and gentlemen of the township descend on the Lawrence Golf Club to play a few rounds of golf croquet.

"This form of croquet is the non-competitive side, not that we wouldn't beat all the other clubs in the area," Mrs Trim joked.


Lawrence Croquet Club members Karen Marsden and Carole Radford.
Lawrence Croquet Club members Karen Marsden and Carole Radford.


"The social aspect of it is brilliant, so much so that if you miss a few days you start to get withdrawals."

Carole Radford said the volunteer group also catered to people with disabilities.

"We've got two people with dementia that play and we also had one lady who was on a wheelie walker. She'd have a great time hitting the ball before sitting down," she said.

"We've found that those who struggle physically actually improve."

Although there's no formal competition, Mrs Radford revealed there was still plenty of rivalry on the green.

"There's a lot of paying out on everybody so if you come here you need to have a thick skin because we give each other heaps!" she laughed.

Mrs Trim said Edna, one of their oldest members was top of the table for 'trash-talk' on the field.

"Edna is a lovely lady and she almost plays it down, but she always has something to say that puts you back in your place," she giggled.

New members are always welcome to join and can get in touch by phoning Carole Radford on 0427 783 330.