River Street, Maclean.
River Street, Maclean. phil eckersley

Lower Clarence water main project budget jumps $240k

WITH A high risk of failure, Clarence Valley Council have made the decision to complete the full upgrade of the River St water main.

The project was first proposed to be completed over three financial years, but it has been considered more cost effective to complete the project in one to avoid the additional costs.

Council's Corporate Governance and Works committee vote on an increase of the budget of $240,000 for the project so it can be completed at once.

The water main between Howard Street and the town boundary, which is about 1700m in length, needs to be replaced according to council staff. Due to the high level of traffic and it's age, the 375mm diameter pipes will be replaced with 150mm pipes at an estimated cost of $480,000.

Council allocates $400,000 per year to its water main renewal program, and originally proposed to fund the River St renewal in three stages; $240,000, $150,000 and $90,000 in consecutive financial years.

The current water main is located under the road pavement, but the new water main will be located in the footpath. This will allow for easier access for tapping the water main for property services.

The increase went through the committee meeting unopposed and will go before the full council meeting next week.