Trent Gilbert says he will be watching Chris Gulaptis for the next four years.
Trent Gilbert says he will be watching Chris Gulaptis for the next four years.

Losing Labor candidate has his eyes on Gulaptis

TRENT Gilbert, who stood as the Country Labor candidate for Clarence in the NSW State Election, said despite losing, the huge swing to Labor, slashing the margin from 30% to 8%, is a wakeup call for the Nationals' Chris Gulaptis.

Mr Gilbert congratulated Mr Gulaptis on his win but warned he would be monitoring his performance over the next four years.

"I spoke to Chris Gulaptis on Sunday and congratulated him and his Nationals team on their victory in Clarence," Mr Gilbert said.

"I'm extremely happy with the swing that Labor has received in Clarence. It reflects the dissatisfaction with the Nationals that many voters in Clarence expressed to me during the campaign.

"Chris Gulaptis and the Nationals will have to perform much better in this term of government following this swing to Labor.

"He can rest assured I will be watching and holding him to account just like I did during this campaign.

"The campaign was a genuine discussion about policy, and that is a healthy sign for our democracy."

"I would like to thank all the people that chose to vote Country Labor in this election. It pleases me that many people chose to preference Country Labor. The preferential voting system provides the most appropriate method for all voters to have a meaningful contribution to the outcome of elections.

"I thank the large team of people who helped out during the campaign and on the booths. I'm proud of the way in which we put forward a solid and credible policy platform for Clarence and for NSW. I will continue to advocate for better outcomes for the people of Clarence and for the people of NSW."