Police were called when Grafton High School went into lockdown
Police were called when Grafton High School went into lockdown Jenna Thompson

LOCKDOWN: Student choked, thrown to ground

THEIR son was choked and thrown to the ground, yet police were called on them after they entered the grounds at Grafton High School to retrieve him.

"I got a phone call saying that my 12-year-old child had been choked by an older student and that the school was pretty much doing nothing about it, so, myself and his father came to the school," the boy's mother said.

"When we got there, we found our son crying hysterically out the front of the school."

However, before they could reach him, it is understood the boy ran back inside the school grounds.

"Myself and his father chased after him around the school grounds and multiple school staff asked to stop, but we decided not to stop because my child's safety is more important," she said.

The chase ended at the back of the school's office, by which time, a lockdown had been called due to the boy's parents running around the school without permission.

"We were confronted by the principal and I asked him what was going on. He told me that he still hadn't had time to find out what the full story was and had to look into it," she said.

"I then said if it's not handled appropriately, then I'll handle it myself. Then I was asked to leave the school grounds."

It is understood the police were called to the school when the boy's parents entered the school grounds without permission.

According to students from the school, the incident transpired from a self-defence lesson earlier in the day and it allegedly went too far, causing the Year 7 boy to be choked.

Reports are emerging that the older student involved was defending himself during the altercation.