BACKHANDED: Harry Becht plays a double handed power shot during his match in Grafton.
BACKHANDED: Harry Becht plays a double handed power shot during his match in Grafton. Debrah Novak

Locals struggle to reach great heights at tennis titles

TENNIS: Despite less than ideal conditions on the final day's play the 89th North Coast Open Tennis Championships hosted in Grafton was a resounding success for organisers.

Check out a full list of winners and runners up below:

Singles Titles

U12 Boys' Singles: 1st Josh Mammen, r/up Charlie Pade.

U14 Boys' Singles: 1st Ethan Bosworth, r/up Max Pilipovic-Kljajic

U16 Boys' Singles: 1st Andrew Osmond, r/up Flyn Henry Schieb

U18 Boys' Singles: 1st Conor Dennehy, r/up Chen Dong

AMT Men's Singles: 1st Brandon Daly-Walkin, r/up Brendon Moore

Special Men's Singles: 1st Jamie Firth, r/up Asher Cribb

B Grade Men's Singles: 1st Ben Butler, r/up Logan Dries

C Grade Men's Singles: 1st Robin Thorne, r/up Luke Winters

U10 Girls' Singles: =1st Camille Maunder, =1st Erica Richards

U12 Girls' Singles: 1st Dayna Whiteley-Hall, r/up Tylah Robinson

U14 Girls' Singles: 1st Maddison Ricardo, r/up Tianyu Dong

U18 Girls' Singles: 1st Caitlyn Portela, r/up Ashley Allman

AMT Women's Singles: 1st Gabby O'Gorman, r/up Taylah Beckman

B Grade Women's Singles: 1st Alana-Jane Harrison, r/up Erica Beth Tillman

Doubles Titles

U12 Boys' Doubles: 1st Charlie Pade and Timothy Yeung Packer, r/up Ashley Slaviero and Caspian Tuckwell

U14 Boys' Doubles: 1st Nicholas Barnier-Merzliakov and Ben Butler, r/up Billy Flanagan and Jordan Hunter

U16 Boys' Doubles: 1st Harry Becht and Ethan Bosworth, r/up Jack Franey and Eli Mcdermott

AMT Men's Doubles: 1st Brandon Daly-Walkin and Scott Dawson, r/up Louis Clark and Jayden Court

Special Men's Doubles: 1st Nathan Moore and Jaykob Rowe, r/up Miles Brown and Brendan Lee

B Grade Men's Doubles: 1st Aaron Osmond and Andrew Osmond, r/up Jake Howe and Shea Mcevoy

C Grade Men's Doubles: 1st Robin Thorne and Caspian Tuckwell, r/up Corey Pickett and Lachlan Rook

U12 Girls' Doubles: 1st Jessie Anne Herington and Tylah Robinson, r/up Molly Hannigan and Whitney Moon

U14 Girls' Doubles: 1st Maddison Ricardo and Lucy Tunsted, r/up Celina Mcgarvie and Jaymie-Lee Vrckoff

AMT Women's Doubles: 1st Amber Molloy and Shannyn Ricketts, r/up Eliza Mckean and Caitlyn Portela

B Grade Women's Doubles: 1st Hannah Mcdonald and Amber Molloy, r/up Olivia Blanch and Latiecha Wilkinson

Open Mixed Doubles: 1st Michael Beckman and Taylah Beckman, r/up Carl Bozicevic and Isabella Bozicevic

B Grade Mixed Doubles: 1st Jack Edmonds and Lucy Tunsted, r/up Wikus Van Tonder and Bianca Nugent