Kids fashion 1-6 years boys runner-up Axel Irwin and winner Noah Paul on Maclean Cup day.
Kids fashion 1-6 years boys runner-up Axel Irwin and winner Noah Paul on Maclean Cup day. Adam Hourigan

Little Gents in stylish turnout for fashion contest

THE Little Gents were also out in force on Sunday, many of their fashion choices giving the full-sized gents a run for their race money.

Many finalists were kitted out in full colour co-ordinated racing ensembles, jacket, pants, vest, shirt, tie, hat and racing binoculars in some cases.

Despite not as prolific as the Little Lady categories, it was still a hard one for the judges to reach their conclusion given the number of stylish fellows up on stage.

Winner of the 1-6 years Best Dressed Little Gent was six-year-old St Mary's student Noah Paul who was all smiles but cool as a cucumber while he stood patiently waiting for the judges to do their thing.

His win was down to his "granny" who helped him work out his very on-trend outfit from Myer that included a light grey jacket, blue trousers, racehorse tie and spotted shirt.

The hat and shoes were from Target.

Runner-up was seasoned fashion veteran Axel Irwin who at age 3 has been taking out titles since he was one.

"He won his first year and was runner-up last year," mum Charmaine Davies said.

This year it was his check cap and pant combo that secured another title.

"I'd bought them online a little while ago so it was great to be able to put them to use," she said.


Kids fashion 7-12 boys runer up Ryland Cone and winner Noah Vidler.
WINNERS: Kids fashion 7-12 boys runner-up Ryland Cone and winner Noah Vidler. Adam Hourigan

In the 7-12 years section another family who are big supporters of the kids' fashion took home another title. Eleven-year-old Noah Vidler from CVAS can thank his mum Michelle for his win.

"She made my jacket, shirt and bow tie," he said.

The rest of the ensemble came from local stores including Target, a hat tip to the sponsor and a common thread with a lot of the outfits seen at Sunday's event.

Noah said his brothers and sister Madelaine had all done well in the fashions before.

Runner-up was Westlawn Public student Ryland Cone, 11, who also relied on mum to help put together his outfit.

"Mum bought everything from Big W but she made my pants."

Ryland said he wasn't nervous about getting up on stage and was looking forward to next year's event.

"I'm 12 next year so I have one more year to go," he said.