Dispersal of flying foxes in Duaringa will take place next week.
Dispersal of flying foxes in Duaringa will take place next week. Contributed

Licence to disperse flying foxes one step closer

THE COMMUNITY is one step closer to the dispersal of flying foxes in the Clarence Valley.

A report will be presented at next month's Clarence Valley Council meeting on the likely costs, the licence applications processes for gaining a licence or licences to disperse flying foxes from within 100 metres of urban areas of the Clarence Valley Council area.

Council originally proposed to provide the information by the October meeting but Cr Andrew Baker amended the proposal to be presented next month instead.


Cr Greg Clancy was concerned about the dispersal of flying foxes within 100 metres of urban areas, using Susan Island in Grafton as an example of where the bats might be welcome.

However Cr Richie Williamson said the licences would not force them to remove flying foxes from every urban area.

"If there was a flying fox community within 100m of a community and everyone likes them... I don't think council is of the view to move them on," he said.

"Just because the license is granted, doesn't mean the licence needs to be used."

Cr Peter Ellem said if the dispersal of flying foxes was easy, Chris Gulaptis would already have dispersed them.

"If you look into this closely, it's a minefield," he said.

Because it was a difficult situation, Cr Ellem felt council should be given enough time to provide the right information to councillors.

Cr Clancy and Ellem both voted against the amended recommendation, with Cr Clancy saying the bats will come back even if they are dispersed.

He said the bats in Maclean were not the same bats that would be there next week and dispersing one colony would not disperse others migrating from north Queensland to Victoria.

"I don't like being accused of not caring... I do believe these people living on the edge of the gully are suffering," he said.

"To actually suggest we can come up with a silver bullet is not being fair to anyone, we have a committee, we have a working group that are doing all they can do.

"There is no easy overnight solution."