LETTER: Scribe’s opinions Strong-armed


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COMPULSIVE scribe Fred Perring would have to be the last person who should accuse others of having their knickers in a knot when two of his recent letters (DEX 20/7) are so silly they almost require subtitles.

According to Fred our schools are sacrificing the 3Rs in order to promote Marxist dogma, so much so that he needs to remind us of the despicable record of Communist dictators. Really?

This is not only absurd but is an awful insult for both our schools and their students. But it comes as no surprise when Fred's on a roll.

Fred is an unashamed voice for the raucous right which even including its lunatic fringe would be lucky to represent more than 15 per cent of the political landscape.

This does not stop this minority labelling the rest of us as creatures of the left and dismissing mainstream values (eg climate change, renewable energy etc) as left wing fabrications. Really?

What an insult to those of us who occupy the apolitical middle of the road.

Fred considers wind turbines ugly monstrosities (purely a matter of opinion), but does it mean that he considers thermal power stations aesthetically appealing?

The statement "USA is littered with thousands of dead turbines" is simply untrue. There are 70,000 working turbines in the USA and the number of obsolete ones that have not been replaced is considered to be in the hundreds only.

Fred forgets what a protracted task it was decommissioning the old concrete power station at Koolkhan.

"Wind turbines are subsidised by taxpayers!" Has Fred forgotten that coal-fired power stations were totally funded by the government of the day?

We appreciate Fred's angst - he has difficulty accommodating the new normal.

Ted Strong