Cricketer Emily Titmarsh is one of the shining stars at Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School. Picture: Darren J McCabe Photography
Cricketer Emily Titmarsh is one of the shining stars at Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School. Picture: Darren J McCabe Photography

Leading Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School sportstars revealed

AS term 3 school sport resumes, Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School is promoting safety as much as being active in its diverse program.

IGGS is being well represented in sports like netball, hockey, volleyball and tennis as QGSSSA fixtures continue.

Athletics and badminton will be staged later in the year.

While thrilled to see students back enjoying competition, IGGS Head of Department Secondary Sport Genevieve Isbell said it was important to adopt extra care.

“Definitely for the next six months, it’s just getting the program up and making it as safe as possible,’’ Isbell said.

“Not only because of COVID but our girls have not been competing as much this year.

“They’ve come away from not doing the intensity of exercise they normally do.

“We just want to nurture them back into it, to try and prevent injuries.’’

She’s delighted some competition has returned after giving teams an additional Saturday to prepare following the school holidays.

“It's really good,’’ she said, having been in her IGGS role for seven years.

“You don’t appreciate it until you are actually standing by the court or the field and you can see how they enjoy it so much.’’

IGGS just hosted a full round of fixtures with St Aidan’s Anglican Girls School.

Isbell said netball was the school’s best represented sport in term 3 with 14 teams across the age groups.

She was pleased to see volleyball growing with IGGS having nine teams this term.

“It’s really popular,’’ she said.

“We’ve got a full continency of teams.’’

The school’s athletics and badminton teams have begun training for their seasons later in the year.

As IGGS teams focus on their latest opportunities, read about some of the school’s leading achievers in the latest QT Shining Sportstars series.

Matilda Cervetto
Matilda Cervetto

Matilda Cervetto

Year: 8. Age: 13.

Sports: Football/Futsal.

Major achievements past 12 months: 2019 - Played for the Western Pride U13 NPL side which made finals.

August: Scored three goals for Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School U14 side in their 3-1 victory over Kings Christian College in the ISSA Cup final. Came off the bench for Ipswich Girls’ Grammar U19 in their 5-1 victory over Brisbane State High School in Uhlsport Cup final.

October: Played for the NSW U12 side which went through undefeated in winning the AFA (Australian Futsal Association) 2018 National School Championships in Brisbane. Selected in the All Star 5 for the age group and selected to represent the AFA Australian Representative Tour U13 side to Barcelona (the tour has been postponed due to COVID).

2020: January - Played for the Queensland U12 side in the 2019 AFA National Club Championships in Sydney. Awarded the Golden Boot and selected in the All Star 5 for the age group and selected for the Australian representative tour for the Costa Bianca Cup.

July: Played for Ipswich City U13 side which went through undefeated in winning the AFA Northern regional titles. Selected to represent Queensland in the AFA National Club Championships in Sydney in January 2021.

Why enjoy sport: The team spirit that is promoted within football and futsal. Playing in many different teams I have formed lasting friendships. These are not only from players within my team but also players from the opposition whom I now call friends, not only from Queensland but from all over Australia.

How IGGS has assisted your development: IGGS’s outstanding football record is testimony to the high standard of the Football Excellence Program they run and the coaches they have. This attracts very good football players to the school which allows me play to a higher standard. IGGS has always supported and encouraged my footballing pursuits outside of school as well our school teams.

Sporting goals: My aim for the future is to play football professionally and to represent my country.

Emily Titmarsh
Emily Titmarsh

Emily Titmarsh

Year: 9. Age: 14

Sport: Cricket

Major achievements: Competed in the Queensland Under 15’s State Challenge for Southern Blaze where we placed third. I played in the Paul Pink Shield for the Ipswich Hornets and I captained my club team Marburg Mount Crosby Thunder to a dual premiership. I was a part of the South East Queensland Cricket Academy. I also got the second most runs in the QGSSSA competition this season, helping my school team to an undefeated season before it was cancelled because of coronavirus.

Why enjoy sport: I very much enjoy my sport because being out on the field gives me a sense of calm. I have no worries other than what is going on around me. I love the feeling of captaining a team, being able to control your field and have complete control over the game. I also love the social aspect. I’ve made many of my friends through rep teams and being able to compete with and against them makes the game even more enjoyable.

How IGGS has assisted your development: The school has assisted by funding for cricket whites for our open team, allowing a great coach to help refine my technique and promoting cricket more than ever.

Sporting goals: My two future sporting ambitions for cricket would be to captain the Southern Blaze team at the end of 2020 and be a part of the first grade premier league women’s competition by 2023.

Monique Williams
Monique Williams

Monique Williams

Year: 7. Age: 13

Sport: Athletics

Major sporting achievement from past 12 months: Mid 2019 - 1st in Queensland for tetrathlon under 12 school kids. End of 2019: 3rd in Australian Tetrathlon in Darwin under 12s school kids.

2020: Competed in Under 15 national heptathlon for club.

2020: 1st in Queensland pentathlon under 13 Little Athletics.

Why enjoy sport: You can be social with others and make new friends. I set goals to achieve and challenge myself. I love being active and healthy.

How IGGS has assisted your development: The school allows me to compete in meets which gives me the confidence to compete with other athletes. I also go training at school during lunch hours and after school.

Sporting goals: To be able to represent Queensland at nationals again and to hopefully one day represent Australia.

Sisters Maisie and Clare Peebles
Sisters Maisie and Clare Peebles

Clare Peebles

Year: 10. Age: 16.

Sport: Volleyball

Major achievements: 2018-2020 - IGGS Opens team including MVP in 2018 and captain this year ; Australian Junior Women’s Development squad and camps; Qld Academy of Sport Volleyball Emerging Talent Scholarship Program.

2020 (upcoming): Qld State Sport Volleyball Championships - Met West 16-19yrs team.

2019: Qld State Sport Volleyball Championships - Met West 12-15yrs team captain (silver).

2018: Qld State Sport Volleyball Championships - Met West 12-15yrs team (bronze).

2018: Australian Junior Volleyball Championships – Queensland U15 team.

2019/2020: Australian Junior Women’s Development Squad selection.

2019: Australian Junior Women’s Development Camp selection.

2018: Australian Junior Women’s Development Camp selection; Australian Junior Volleyball Championships - Qld U15yrs team vice-captain, 2018 (silver).

2019: Qld Academy of Sport Volleyball Development Squad.

2018: Qld Academy of Sport Volleyball Emerging Talent Scholarship; Qld State Championships – Dragons U19yrs team.

2019: Dragons U18yrs team (silver).

2018: Dragons U16yrs team, 2018 (MVP & overall PVL U16 MVP and silver).

2018-2020: Refereed at Premier Volleyball League, QGSSSA Competition, QLD State Championships.

2019: Level 1 coaching qualification. 2018: Level 2 referee qualification.

2018-19: Qld State Beach Volleyball Tour.

2019: Coached at Pirates June-July camp.

Why love sport: I absolutely love volleyball. There are so many aspects of the game I enjoy - the atmosphere, team spirit, and athleticism to name a few. I have made many incredible friends through volleyball and will cherish the memories I’ve made both on and off the court.

How IGGS has assisted your development: I have had the privilege of being a part of the IGGS Open team since 2018. I am proud to be able to represent my school in the sport that I love. The encouraging environment at IGGS volleyball has allowed me to develop and grow not only as a player, but as a person.

Sporting goals: I aspire to continue to develop my volleyball skills and strive to play at higher levels. I’d also love to continue to pass on my love of the sport and help encourage and develop young players through coaching.

Maisie Peebles
Maisie Peebles

Maisie Peebles

Year: 8. Age: 13.

Sport: Volleyball

Major achievements: 2019-20 - Opens Volleyball team ( MVP in 2019).

2019-20: Qld Academy of Sport Emerging Talent Volleyball Scholarship.

2020 (upcoming): Dragons Club Volleyball Association – U19 Div. 1 PVL team.

2019: Qld School Sport State Volleyball Championships – Met West team (silver medallists); Australian Junior Women’s Volleyball Development Camp selection; Australian Junior Volleyball Championships – Qld U14 team vice-captain (silver medallists).

2019: Qld State Championships – Dragons U16 team captain (bronze medallists).

2019: Dragons Club Volleyball Association – U16 Div. 1 PVL team (silver medallists); Level 1 Referee Qualification.

Why enjoy sport: I love volleyball because when I am playing, I feel amazing and I love the athleticism that it requires. I am honored to represent IGGS in the school Opens volleyball team.

How IGGS has assisted your development: I really enjoy the QG competition. Through my time playing volleyball at IGGS I have made many new friends across various year levels and have learned not only to be competitive but also enjoy myself.

Sporting goals: I hope to one day be able to play at a high level and also coach and be a role model for other young players.

Holly-Maree Matthew
Holly-Maree Matthew

Holly-Maree Matthew

Year: 7. Age: 12

Sports: Cross country, track (800m, 1500m), triathlon.

Major achievements: 2018 - State titles cross country (6th); national titles cross country; won State Cross Country Championships; 3rd state titles 800m.

2019: State and national titles aquathlon, state titles 1500m.

2020: State titles aquathlon.

Why enjoy sport: It is a fun way to stay fit and enjoy yourself along the way. You meet a lot of people through sport and make a lot of friends that support you through your sporting journey. There’s a lot of ups and downs involved with what I do, but I always find a way to get there in the end with a smile on my face. Whether I come first or last if I have given 100% then that’s all I can do.

How IGGS has assisted your development: My teachers and coaches at IJGS and IGGS have provided me with positive reinforcement in both my ups and downs and have accommodated me with my training and competition.

Sporting goals: In the future I hope to keep reaching my goals while enjoying what I’m doing. I hope to make it to national titles in both cross country and triathlon and some day become a professional athlete.

Adelaide Utz
Adelaide Utz

Adelaide Utz

Year: 10. Age: 16

Sport: Weightlifting

Major achievements: One of my sporting successes was qualifying for the under-23 nationals in Sydney last year. I came second at the U23 state titles, being the under-15 national champion two years in a row and all schools U15 champion two years in a row. I currently have a 126 kilo total.

Sporting goals: To one day make the Australian team and maybe even go to the Commonwealth Games or the Olympics.