OPINION: Last stand for tree fans

WHATEVER decision came out of Clarence Valley Council's vote on the McLachlan Park redevelopment on Tuesday was going to meet with a mixed response.

That the four camphor laurels loved by many in that community will now be felled in one go about October this year will have made the pill a little more bitter for those trying to have them retained.

There may be more protests to come from those who would rather keep the established trees, but it seems hard to see how they can be saved - the process is well advanced.

At the same time, claims of lack of consultation don't add up as the trees have been on death row since about 2003 when the Maclean Shire Council recommended their removal.

Those who have loved the trees for years will be sad when they are removed.

And the trees are certainly the highlight of McLachlan Park today, which is part of the problem - the rest of the area just isn't up to scratch.

It is unfortunate that they aren't to be retained, but the designs for the redeveloped park point to a vast improvement for both locals and visitors.