Knife. Rob Williams

Knife allegedly held to man's throat

A 21 year old man has been arrested after allegedly holding a knife to another man's throat and driving drunk.

Police allege that just before 1am on Saturday morning in Evans Head park a man approached the 21 year old to inquire about some allegedly stolen alcohol.

The 21 year old allegedly produced a knife, pushed it towards the throat of the person he was arguing with and threatened to stab him.

A security guard witnessed the incident and restrained the assailant.

Police arrived soon after and noted they had seen the 21 year old driving his car five minutes before this incident took place.

He failed an alcohol breath test and was placed under arrest.

A search of his car revealed two knives, 23cm and 14cm long on the front passenger seat.

At Evans Head Police Station he provided a breath analysis that placed him in the mid range.

He was charged with mid range PCA, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, armed with intent and custody of a knife in public place.

He will appear in Casino Local Court later this month.