Target Country, Yamba will soon become a Kmart.
Target Country, Yamba will soon become a Kmart. TIM JARRETT

Kmart dream come true - but with a catch

KMART is coming to the Clarence Valley, but not the way most of us expected.

For years The Daily Examiner has written about the community's desire for a Kmart and, late last week, this dream will finally come true - but there's a slight catch.

Rather than placing the major retailer in Grafton, the honour will instead go to Yamba.

Managing Director of Target Australia Marina Joanou announced on Friday that several Target Country stores, including Yamba, will be converted into a Kmart by early next year.

"Can't bloody wait," Jodi Donnelly said on a Yamba Facebook group.

"We're going to be there more than the beach," Addam Alston Perry added.

While most are excited about the prospect of going down the Kmart financial rabbit hole, other residents have raised valid concerns on social media, specifically about the choice of premises to house the extensive variety of stock.

"Kmart in the target in Yamba? You are kidding? It'd be three plants, a bike, five rugs and a saucepan," Nathan Cave said on the Daily Examiner's Facebook page.

"Quicker driving to Coffs. Yamba target is not big enough to house a Kmart," Nicole Newcomb added.

Anyone who has visited the two Clarence Valley Target stores will know that the Grafton premises are much bigger in comparison to Yamba. However, some have guessed the new Kmart may provide more efficient shopping rather than a traditional bargain-hunter's paradise.

"It will be a mini/hub," Natalie Porter said.

"They have been trialling them overseas. Will probably have a similar set up to Target with an ordering system (instore and online) to get stuff delivered directly to stores at a shorter time then Australian post."

Only time will tell about what plans they have for the Yamba store, but at least current Target employees can rest a little easy knowing that they will receive an offer of employment from Kmart.