Carl Barron will be back in Grafton in November.
Carl Barron will be back in Grafton in November. Contributed

King Carl back for more laughs

AFTER the tsunami of tickets sold when he last performed in Grafton, it's little wonder funnyman Carl Barron has the Jacaranda city in his sights again.

Due to the demand by Clarence fans on his last tour back in 2015, Barron went from performing one sell out show to three, so it will be interesting to see what happens when he arrives for his new show Skating Rink for Flies this November.

Barron's show coincides with the final weekend of the Jacaranda Festival so it's sure to be huge night out after the annual Float Procession.

Barron's strangely-titled show goes back to when he was a small boy at school, and he asked the teacher how Ants feel. He never got an answer all those years ago, but he still wants to know.

Voted number one comedian two years running, his brand new show will be night where he ponders things we all think about but never mention. Things like plastic bags, peanut butter and the possible emotions of an ant.

There is no point to this show other than to make you laugh as much as possible. Funny stories from a bloke with a funny head. What more could you ask for except for when tickets go on sale. That will now if you go online or tomorrow morning, Wednesday, August 21 at 10am from the cinema.

If his last appearance was anything to go by, you had better hop to it.

Don't miss Carl Barron live at Grafton's Saraton Theatre on Saturday, November 2. Tickets on sale from the theatre from tomorrow, Wednesday 10am or online now.