Game of Thrones: Why Jon Snow can never win


JON Snow will never take the Iron Throne, Cersei Lannister will never give up until she is dead, Jaime will redeem himself in the end - and Samwell Tarly will discover a magical way to defeat the Night King.

Welcome to our latest edition of We Knew Nothing, Jon Snow, where we delve into the seventh episode of Game Of Thrones to discover the hidden clues that we missed the first time.

Oh, and it also reminds us that Ned Stark is a complete twit who could have been comfortably ruling the seven kingdoms if his head hadn't been so stuffed with honour. Until it got cut off, of course.

Tywin guts a stag while Jaime watches and listens.
Tywin guts a stag while Jaime watches and listens.

The pivotal scene is right at the start, when we meet Tywin Lannister for the first time. He's chatting to Jaime while he proceeds to gut, skin and chop the legs off a stag - the sigil of House Baratheon. It's a fascinating metaphor for what the Lannister do to first Robert and then Stannis.

And his words are also prophetic.

"Your mother is dead, I will be dead soon … all of us will be dead and rotting in the ground but our family name lives on … that's ALL that lives on … we could create a dynasty that lasts 1000 years or collapse into nothing," he tells Jaime. "I need you to become the man you were meant to be."

So things aren't looking good for the remaining Lannisters.

Especially when we jump to Cersei and Ned Stark having a chat, where he reveals he knows the true father of Joffre and warns her to get out of King's Landing.

In return she gives him some free advice. "You win or you die. There is no middle ground."

Remember, this is a Cersei that has barely even begun getting nasty. She won't find peace with Daenerys, Jon or anyone. She will fight to the bitter end. But Jaime - Jaime will become the man he is meant to be and redeem their name.

Cersei shows she will never surrender.
Cersei shows she will never surrender.

This is also an episode where Sam Tarly, up until now a figure of fun, utters a couple of prophetic lines that will have a massive impact in the final season.

When he and Jon are to take their vows to join the Night's Watch, they decide to do it in front of a godswood tree, which is crying blood. Well, sap, supposedly.

Anyway, Sam says: "The seven gods have never answered my prayers, perhaps the old gods will".

And when Jon complains he always wanted to be a ranger, not a steward, Sam says: "I always wanted to be a wizard".

Throwaway lines? Perhaps, but what if there is more behind them? To destroy the Night King, they need old magic. And what do you call those that practise magic? Well, wizards is one name for them. This feels like a massive hint that Sam will discover a way to defeat the Night King using magic.

Is Sam making a joke or revealing what he will do in season eight?
Is Sam making a joke or revealing what he will do in season eight?

But, most of this episode is devoted to the death of King Robert, the downfall of Ned Stark and the treachery of Littlefinger.

Looking at it now, it just makes you shake your head.

Renly Baratheon comes to Ned with a plan to use Loras Tyrell's men to seize Joffre and declare Renly as king. It would have worked. Sadly for all three of them, Ned turns to Littlefinger instead.

Littlefinger suggests a cunning plan to make peace with the Lannisters and have him become the powerbroker. Ned refuses, instead offering the throne to Stannis.

So Littlefinger betrays him, the Gold Cloaks, led by Ser Meryn Trant, kill the Stark men and Littlefinger himself holds the knife to Ned's throat.

It sums up what Littlefinger is going to get up to for the next six seasons.

You should never trust Littlefinger.
You should never trust Littlefinger.

In fact it is only bearable to watch because of the knowledge of what happens to him at Arya and Sansa's hands.

But there is one final twist in his words that will surely impact Jon Snow and show that he will not take the Iron Throne, no matter what.

"Do you still believe good soldiers make good kings?' Littlefinger mocks Ned, when he suggests giving the crown to Stannis.

Jon is a good soldier. Daenerys, on the other hand, is not a good soldier. But she would make a very good queen.