Ben Francis will perform.
Ben Francis will perform. Andrew Maccoll

Jaca Thursday pub rumours are 'bogus'

WHISPERS about Grafton establishments closing early on Jacaranda Thursday have shown just how quickly rumours can spread in the Clarence Valley.

Clocktower Hotel owner Bill Dougherty said there was absolutely no truth to a circulating rumour the establishment and others would be closed from 4.30pm onwards during one of Grafton's biggest celebrations.

"We'll close the kitchen at 4pm, but we have a band on from 2-6pm," he said.

"We won't close until about 8pm."

Do you think all Grafton establishments should close by 4.30pm on Jaca Thursday?

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The Clocktower Hotel will be one of many in town to provide live entertainment after the day's main festivities, which will start early in the morning with a free breakfast for the community at Market Square.

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As well as the usual attractions - markets, purple bread and performances - festival co-ordinator Donna Hunt said members of the community might catch a glimpse of Henry Volkers, who planted the first jacaranda trees, for the first time this year.

A jacaranda pixie will also be performing circus tricks among the crowd.

"They first appeared at the queen crowning on Saturday night, and tomorrow they'll be walking up and down the markets performing, or you can spot them at breakfast," Ms Hunt said.

"It's the start of a larger program we want to be able to develop where professional actors work with high schools and community groups in town to train them to do street theatre during Jacaranda."

Entertainment in the form of local bands will be on stage in Market Square until about 3pm, and children will be kept busy with amusement rides.

"Jacaranda Thursday is the quintessential day of the festival because really shows the Jacaranda spirit and crazy atmosphere of Grafton," Ms Hunt said.

"The weather forecast looks very good, but it looks hot, so after 3pm everyone might need to go to the pool."