POPULAR OPTION: Former deputy mayor Craig Howe wants a change.
POPULAR OPTION: Former deputy mayor Craig Howe wants a change. Jarrard Potter

Is it time to let the public vote for mayor?

IT IS time for a change, according to former deputy mayor Craig Howe.

With our federal politicians unable to make a decision about their leaders, Mr Howe said it was more important than ever to let the community pick the person they want to represent them.

Mr Howe believes that like a lot of other councils in NSW, the Clarence Valley mayor should be voted for at the election, not by councillors every two years .

"It's something I wanted before I was on council, I thought it should be the way it goes,” he said.

"We put a motion forward a few times (when I was in council). It was defeated both times.”

Mr Howe said for this to change, the public would need to vote on the change at the next council elections following a council resolution to ask for the change. However, that would mean it was another two council terms before the election process changed.

"Personally, I always wanted to have a say, even before I was a councillor,” he said.

"The argument against it is councillors should know better than the electorate, but people should have their say in who it is going to be.

"Even when the councillors pick the mayor and deputy mayor, the back room wrangling that goes on, it's not necessary.

"The last two mayors, Richie (Williamson) and Jim (Simmons), have been the right person for the job.

"I don't know who is going to run, I'm not privy to that information anymore.”

If he had to pick, Mr Howe said he felt Cr Simmons, Jason Kingsley or Richie Williamson would be good options for mayor and deputy mayor.

But, without having the inside information, he can't give a definitive answer as to who might be named mayor on Tuesday.

Mr Howe said one thing was for sure.

"I definitely won't be running in the next election. I'm done with my time on council.”