Improved access to Pippi Beach at Yamba

TWO new measures have resulted in improved access to Yamba's Pippi Beach.

Pedestrian access has been improved with the installation of aluminium stairs, and a recycled-plastic plank surfaced track for shared pedestrian and vehicular access has been installed.

Vehicle access is limited to people with disabilities through the installation of a new MLAK lock.

An MLAK lock is a master locksmiths access key that allows people with disabilities access to a range of public facilities.

The Clarence Valley Council decided last year to restrict vehicular access to the beach in order to improve safety for beach users and reduce environmental damage, but made provision for people with disabilities, emergency services and some others.

The recycled-plastic plank surface is sturdy, long-lasting, maintenance-free product suitable for marine environments even when submerged, and has been installed to provide a better surface for pedestrians and the remaining vehicles allowed to access the beach. It will also provide environmental benefits through a reduction in erosion, and as an ethical alternative to using timber.

Funding for the hard surface came via a $49,000 grant through NSW Crown Lands. Funds from that grant will also be used to install a similar pedestrian structure between Convent and Pippi beaches.