Huge rush for Saraton’s ‘sweet’ closing deal

IF YOU thought that toilet paper or pasta were the most popular item in town, for Grafton, there was an extra special order.

The Saraton theatre placed a call out through their Facebook page that they would be selling their leftover stock of their famous choc tops.

"We had been asked by patrons what we were doing with the choc tops so I thought why not sell them off. But the rate of orders coming in took us by surprise," Saraton manager Michelle Gilbert said.

"We were swamped. We had hundreds here and they were gone in an hour of orders.

"It didn't take long."

7 - The Notaras Family (Angelo and Spiro pictured)
The late Spiro and Angelo Notaras were fans of the humble choc top. Adam Hourigan

Ms Gilbert said she had put a notice up to say they weren't taking any more orders, with people still frantically posting on their Facebook hours after the closed the extra sweet deal.

"We will now fill the orders that we have and if there are any leftovers they will be offered to the people we have put on a waiting list," she said.

"But please, no more orders."

The Saraton Theatre was closed on Sunday night after the prime minister announced the closure of all indoor entertainment venues as part of the effort to fight the coronavirus pandemic.