Holiday cheer ruined by thoughtless act

Stolen property and a bag of dirty work clothes greeted Ursula Tunks from Mend and Make Do in Grafton this morning when she popped into the shed to get a head start on any donations left outside in the past few days.

"First thing I noticed was that someone has stolen our pink mini wheelie bin we use for broken glass. They'd emptied the contents into our large bin we use for a completely different purpose. So that'll need sorting out too," she posted on the Mend and Make Do social media page.

"Then I started sorting through half a dozen bags that had been left outside. I opened the first bag to find the item at the top of its contents were filthy work pants.

"My enthusiasm immediately evaporated and I gave up on my plan to spend a couple of hours sorting donations and headed back home."

Ursula Tunks shares her disappointment on social media
Ursula Tunks shares her disappointment on social media Facebook


This isn't the first time Ms Tunks and her volunteers have encountered thoughtless acts by the community as the line between donating and dumping becomes blurred.

"We had a couple pull up with over 30 bags of clothes and only one bag was clean," she said in an earlier interview with The Daily Examiner.

"Please donate responsibly: if it's not good enough to donate to friends and family, it's most likely not good enough for charity."

Meanwhile, Ms Tunks hopes CCTV footage will encourage the return of their pink bin.

"The person who stole our pink bin needs to return it ASAP ... which will avoid a formal complaint to the Police along with the video evidence of the theft," she posted on the social media page.