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Grafton Court House Caitlan Charles

He didn't strike a blow: magistrate keeps man out of jail

A 36-YEAR-old South Grafton man is lucky he did not strike a blow during a vicious street attack in Grafton last year.

Adam Lee Cassidy appeared in Grafton Local Court yesterday to answer charges of affray, use of a weapon to commit an indictable offence and offensive behaviour as well as two charges of driving while disqualified.

He faced court for his part in an attack on a group of people walking home from a Grafton hotel on September 7 last year.

Instead of prison time, Cassidy was given a 12-month suspended jail sentence as well as a $500 fine and a further year off the road for driving while disqualified.

The police evidence was that Cassidy and a young person, who was the son of a woman in a relationship with the victim, were wielding pole-like weapons taped at one end when they confronted the group.

The victim told police he was bailed up against a fence near his home and struck repeatedly on the leg and arm by an unidentified assailant.

The victim was able to escape to his home and returned with an iron pole which he used to smash the windows and windscreen of a white Commodore parked opposite his house.

A few hours later police stopped a white Holden sedan near the Harwood Bridge and noticed Cassidy in the driver's seat. A radio check revealed he was a disqualified driver and also wanted for an affray in Grafton earlier that night.

The young person and two other people in the car were also interviewed. Afterwards police took Cassidy and the young person to Grafton Police Station for further interviews.

Defence solicitor Greg Coombes said Cassidy should receive some leniency because he did not strike anyone in the incident, although he did verbally menace the victim.

Magistrate Karen Stafford agreed, saying she would not impose a jail sentence.