Hartsuyker won't 'add further commentary' on Barnaby

WHEN pressed for his thoughts on the scandal currently surrounding his party's leader, Cowper MP Luke Hartsuyker let questions on Barnaby Joyce go straight through to the 'keeper.

"The deputy prime minister's private life has been the subject of blanket media coverage and I don't intend to add further commentary to what is already being reported," Mr Hartsuyker said.

While that was the answer Mr Hartsuyker offered when asked if Mr Joyce still has his full support and whether or not he thought the deputy prime minister is the best person to lead the Nationals to the next election, the local MP indicated that he thought Mr Joyce was certainly vital when it comes to action on the Coffs Harbour bypass.

"The deputy prime minister is a strong supporter of the Coffs Harbour bypass," he said.

"He and I met with Cr Denise Knight, Mayor of Coffs Harbour, Steve McGrath, the council's general manager, and two senior advisers from the Deputy Prime Minister's office to discuss the bypass.

"The deputy prime minister is fully aware of the urgent need to start construction on the Coffs Harbour Bypass and I will be working hard to ensure that we get the project started as soon as possible."