TAKE YOUR BLOCKS: Action in the woodchopping events at the Grafton Show.
TAKE YOUR BLOCKS: Action in the woodchopping events at the Grafton Show. Kathryn Thompson

Grafton Show results



Beading & Jewellery

Class 1: 1st Carole Bryant, 2nd Carole Bryant.

Class 2: 1st Carole Bryant, 2nd Carole Bryant.

Class 3: 1st Margaret Lee, 2nd Margaret Lee.

Outstanding Exhibit: Margaret Lee.

Class 4 - Ceramics: Jean Jones.

Class 6 - Junior Under 18 years: Gabrielle Solway.

Outstanding Exhibit: Jean Jones.

Class 7 - Crochet Article for a baby: 1st Tain Ross, 2nd Roslyn Gray.

Class 8 - Doily or Table Centre: 1st Tain Ross, 2nd Tain Ross.

Class 9 - Doily Made of Motifs: 1st Jennifer McGaw.

Class 10 - Filet Crochet: 1st Jennifer McGaw.

Class 11: No entries.

Class 12 - Crochet Coathanger: 1st Jennifer McGaw.

Class 13: No entries.

Class 14 - Any Article Not Mentioned: 1st Roslyn Gray, 2nd Roslyn Gray.

Class 15 - Crochet Placemat: 1st Tain Ross.

Outstanding Exhibit Crochet: Jennifer McGraw.

Class 16: No entries.

Class 17, Any Design on Aida Cloth: 1st Kayleen Denny, 2nd Kayleen Denny.

Class 18-19: No entries.

Outstanding Exhibit: Kayleen Denny.

Class 20 - Embroidery Fancy Work: 1st Ida Hewitt.

Class 21 - Hardanger: 1st Robyn Beadman.

Class 22: 1st Jill Mitchell.

Class 23 - Silk Ribbon Embroidery: HC Margaret Wilks.

Class 24: No entries.

Class 25 - Stump Work: 1st Ann Muldoon.

Class 26: No entries.

Class 27 - Wool Embroidery: 1st Ida Hewitt, 2nd Cindy Smythe.

Class 28 - Embroidery with Embellishment: 1st Fay Crispin, 2nd Margaret Wilks.

Class 29 - Surface Embroidery Mixed Mediums: 1st Fay Crispin, 2nd Fay Crispin, Highly Commended Fay Crispin.

Class 30 - Own Design: 1st Ida Hewitt , 2nd Betty Taylor.

Class 31 - Article Using Combination Embroidery Techniques: 1st Ida Hewitt, 2nd Ann Muldoon, 3rd Trish Collett.

Class 32 - Any Article Hand Embroidered Not Mentioned: 1st Ida Hewitt, 2nd Betty Taylor.

Outstanding Exhibit: Ida Hewitt.

Champion Embroidery: Fay Crispin.

Class 33 - Fine Hand Knitted Lace Shawl Hand Knitted sponsored by Enid Rooke: 1st Janice Kent, 2nd Rose Covre.

Outstanding Exhibit: Janice Kent.

Class 34A - Felting Accessories: 1st Judy Price, 2nd Judy Price, 3rd Judy Price, HC Judy Price.

Class 34 - Hand Felted Garment: 1st Cheryl Chard, 2nd Roslyn Gray, HC Roslyn Gray.

Class 35: No entries.

Class 36 - Hand Felt Item/Toy: 1st Flo Pemberton, 2nd Leanda Guy, 3rd Leanda Guy.

Class 37 - Novice: 1st Vicki Eggins.

Class 37a - Junior Felting 18 & under: 1st Eva Guy, 2nd Eva Guy.

Class 38 - Any Item Commercial Felt: 1st Ann Muldoon.

Class 39: No entries.

Class 40 - Framed Item Using Felting Med: 1st Leanda Guy.

Class 41A - Felting Using Alpaca Fibre: 1st Leanda Guy, 2nd Leanda Guy, HC Leanda Guy.

Class 41: 1st Lehane Robinson, 2nd Lehane Robinson.

Outstanding Exhibit Felting: Flo Pemberton.

Class 42 - Hand Knitting Adult: 1st Jenny Moar, 2nd Jenny Moar.

Class 43 - Infant/Child Article 3 Piece: No entries.

Class 44: 1st Rose Coure, 2nd Yvonne Robards.

Class 45 - Knitting Using Feather Etc Yarn: HC Jill Mitchell.

Class 46/47/48: No entries.

Class 49 - Any Other Item: 1st Cindy Smythe.

Class 50 - Knitting Using Alpaca Fibre: 1st Pauline Glasser, 2nd Pauline Glasser.

Class 51 - Alpaca Natural Colour: 1st Pauline Glasser, 2nd Pauline Glasser.

Class 52 - Item Made Alpaca Yarn: 1st Pauline Glasser, 2nd Pauline Glasser.

Class 53: No entries.

Outstanding Knitting: Cindy Smythe.

Class 54-60: No entries.

Class 62 - Item Made from Recycled Materials: 1st Mary Williams, 2nd Judy Price.

Class 63 - Decorated Egg: 1st Heather Grantham, 2nd Robyn Morrisey.

Class 64 - Quilling: 1st Allan Smith, 2nd Allan Smith.

Class 65: No entries.

Class 66 - Wood Work: 1st Daryl Moran, 2nd Daryl Moran.

Class 66a - Junior Wood Work: 1st Nathan Waterson, 2nd Nathan Waterson, HC Jasmine Kneeves, HC Shane Johnson.

Class 70 - Any Other Article: 1st Nathan Waterson, 2nd Debbie Vercoe.

Outstanding Exhibit: Allan Smith.

Class 71 - Patchwork Quilting/Applique Hand: 1st Lyn Eggleton, 2nd Trish Collett.

Class 72 - Applique Machine: 1st Lyn Eggleton, 2nd Mary Williams.

Class 73 - Patchwork: 1st Jill Mitchell.

Class 74 - Quilt Small: 1st Mary Williams, 2nd Anne Carter.

Class 75 - Quilt Domestic Machine: 1st Lyn Eggleton.

Class 76: No entries.

Class 77 - Quilt Commercial: 1st Adriana Todd, 2nd Tracey Wilks.

Class 78 - Patchwork: 1st Jill Mitchell, 2nd Trish Collett.

Class 79 - Bag: 1st Jill Mitchell.

Class 80 - Any Other Item: 1st Lyn Eggleton, 2nd Mary Williams.

Patchwork Quilt Applique Outstanding Exhibit: Lyn Eggleton.

Class 81: 1st Heather Grantham.

Class 83: 1st Lisa Beadman.

Class 84: 1st Nyssa Lissniak, 2nd Nyssa Lissniak.

Class 85-86: No entries.

Class 87: 1st Jill Mitchell, 2nd Lyn Eggleton.

Class 88: No entries.

Class 89: 1st Heather Grantham.

Class 90: 1st Jill Mitchell, 2nd Jill Mitchell, HC Lyn Eggleton.

Class 91: 1st Flo Pemberton.

Outstanding Exhibit 83/91: Lisa Beadman.

Class 98: 1st Jill Mitchell.

Class 104 - Junior Lego Under 12yrs: 1st Marcus Guy 2nd Marcus Moore, HC Patrick Moore, HC Travis Smidt, HC Toby Smidt, HC Jack Morrow, HC Samuel Morrow.

Class 104a - Joint Effort: 1st Grace and Harrison Rogers, 2nd Hugh and Darcy Anderson.

Class 117: 1st Riley Smidt, 2nd Brody Hayward.

Class 105: 1st Grace Rogers, 2nd Pippa Brown.

Class 106: 1st Eliana Jackson, 2nd Addison Brown.

Class 108: 1st Eva Guy, 2nd Eva Guy.

Class 114: 1st Millie Lloyd.

Class 115: 1st Emily Hyde, 2nd Poppy Farrel.

Outstanding Exhibit: Emily Hyde.

Class 116 -127: No Exhibits.

Class 128: 1st Jessica Hyde, 2nd Montana Teare, HC Montana Teare.

Class 129: 1st Riarna Gersekowski, 2nd Molly Wiles.

Oustanding Exhibit: Jessica Hyde.

Class 131: 1st John Heatley, 2nd Lorna Everson.

Class 131a: 1st Shirley Goodfellow, 2nd Pat Worthing, 3rd Moira Lane.

Class 131b: 1st Sigourny Smith, 2nd Amy Head, HC Maddeline Blackadder.

Class 131c: 1st Heather Grantham, 2nd Heather Grantham, 2nd Jamie Lyons, HC Annie Hayward.

Class 133: 1st Jennifer McGaw.

Class 134: 1st Tain Ross, 2nd Jennifer McGaw, HC Tain Ross.

Class 135: 1st Jennifer McGaw.

Class 137: Equal 1st Tian Ross, Equal 1st Marie Tunks, 2nd Lorna Spinks, HC Val Ebeling.

Class 138: Equal 1st Patricia Perry, Equal 1st Ann Edwards 2nd Flo Kennedy HC Patricia Perry, HC Flo Kennedy, HC Patricia Perry.

Class 139: 1st Sandra Connelly, 2nd Jennifer McGaw, HC Ann Muldoon.

Class 141: 1st Lorna Spinks, 2nd Cindy Smythe, HC Yvonne Robbards.

Class 142: 1st Jennifer McGaw, 2nd Denise Hyde, HC Denise Hyde.

Class 143: 1st Denise Hyde, 2nd Mary Williams.

Class 144: 1st Jennifer McGaw.

Class 145: 1st Ross Rod.

Class 145: 1st Daryl Moran, 2nd Daryl Moran, HC Ann Edwards.

Outstanding Exhibit: Marie Tunks.

Class 148: 1st Helen Ward, 2nd Dougherty Villa, HC Dorothy Ledwidge, Helen Ward.

Class 149: 1st Betty Phelps, 2nd Mary Thurtew.

Class 151: 1st Maria McKinnon.

Class 154: Grafton Aged Care Home

Class 156: 1st Dougherty Villa, Phil Horan, 2nd Jean Magrowski, Helen Ward, HC Joan Marr, Shula Bashra.

Class 157: 1st Doreen Sheehan, 2nd Margaret Jackson.

Class 158: 1st Iris Slingsby, 2nd Iris Slingsby.

Class 159: 1st Phyllis Russell.

Class 161: 1st Ria Connelly.

Class 162: 1st Phyllis Russell, 2nd Joan Marr.

Class 168: 1st Whiddon (Clunts) 2nd Whiddon DSU.

Class 170: 1st Allen Bently, 2nd Allen Bently.

Outstanding Exhibit: Dougherty Villa.

Grand Champion Needle Work: Fay Crispin.

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