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Grafton Ghosts granted appeal against Group 2 points penalty

RUGBY LEAGUE: The Grafton Ghosts will have the opportunity to have their case heard as to why they should not lose any competition points for fielding an unregistered player after they confirmed Country Rugby League will convene an independent panel after their appeal was granted.

Earlier this week, Group 2 administration deducted four competition points for the Ghosts after deeming they had an unregistered player take to the field in their first two wins of the 2019 season.

In a statement made to their Facebook page, Ghosts president Gary Gillespie said the issue arose when the player in question's previous registration, which was under an abbreviated name, was not detected by the Group 2 or CRL registrars when he was registered by the Ghosts and given a new registration number at the start of the season.

Gillespie said the Ghosts registered the player under his full Christian name, and the discrepency between names was detected in any of the player registration systems.

"The Grafton Ghosts have an unwritten policy of being honest and forthcoming", Gillespie said.

"We found the discrepancy and self-reported and we would like to think that all clubs would do the same thing.

"Once Grafton Ghosts self-reported the group registrar instructed us to register the player under his abbreviated first name in order to match with his previous club's registration format."

This registration took place on April 24, and Gillespie said two days later the player was cleared under the abbreviated first name.

Gillespie said the club had a meeting with CRL East Coast regional manager Kevin Hill this week, and have confirmed the CRL will form an independed board to hear the Ghosts appeal against the four-point penalty imposed by Group 2.

The board will convene in the next three weeks to hear the appeal.