Two segments that have been attached to one of the piers of the new Grafton bridge.
Two segments that have been attached to one of the piers of the new Grafton bridge. Adam Hourigan

Time-lapse video shows latest on new Grafton Bridge

ROADS and Maritime Services have released a glimpse into the installation of one of the segments onto the Grafton Bridge.

The time-lapsed video shows one of the 176 segments, which weigh between 60 and 70 tonnes each, put into place.

This stage of the project will progress from the southern side of the river to the north, with up to two segments lifted into place daily by a crane operating from a barge on the river.

Once the segment is put in place, an epoxy resin, like super-strength glue, is then applied to the face of the segment, bonding it to the next.

As each segment is installed, temporary post-tensioning is applied that 'bolts' the segments together.

After four segments are installed, two each side of a pier, multiple steel cables of about 15mm in diameter are threaded through ducts in the segments and stretched to lock in energy to compress the segments together.

The process is repeated until all segments are in place.

Key building activities planned for the Grafton Bridge project between January and March 2019-

  • Complete construction of the southern and northern bridge embankments.
  • Continue manufacture and placing of bridge segments.
  • Complete pier construction.
  • Continue building the Kent Street pump station.
  • Continue upgrading the section of Pound Street between Clarence St and Villiers St.
  • Begin upgrade of Iolanthe St and the section of Spring St between the Pacific Highway and the rail viaduct.
  • Start building the new Gwydir Highway roundabout.
  • Continue landscaping across the project.
  • Continue fabrication of the Pound Street steel truss rail bridge in Sydney and complete its ground beams and columns on site.
  • Start drainage work and upgrade of section of Bridge St.