Golden oldies: The Wallabies in 'slow motion'

15th July 2017 3:00 PM
Big River Bullrouts captain Mully Morris before the golden oldies 'six pack' challenge. FOR THE FUN OF IT: Big River Bullrouts captain Mully Morris before the golden oldies 'six pack' challenge on Saturday where they took on golden oldies teams from up and down the NSW coast. Caitlan Charles

RUGBY UNION: For his whole life, Mully Morris has been a rugby league stalwart, but when he discovered the Big River Bullrouts, he knew it was for him.

"I never played rugby until I started playing golden oldies rugby,” Morris said.

"I played with the South Grafton Rebels and after I retired quite some years later, one of the guys I know at work said why don't you come and have a run at rugby.

"I was a rugby virgin until I came down here and started playing at the age of 45.”

Now, Morris is five years into his captaincy of the side and can't see an end to his golden oldies career.

"It's very enjoyable, it's very sociable,” he said.

"We always say it's like the Wallabies, but slow motion.

"We all enjoy ourselves and it's played at a pretty easy pace... if you tackle someone you help them up off the ground and we all laugh and joke and play a lot of pranks on each other.”

Next year, Morris and the Big River Bullrouts are heading to New Zealand to play in the world golden oldies festival.

"Thousands of people from all around the world attend, that will be good,” he said.

"You get over there and you meet people from all over the world, it's amazing, rugby is turly a universal game.

"Being a league player, we never experienced that type of thing, league is pretty insular to Australia, New Zealand and England, but we've played against Russia, China, all around the world.

"The last three or four times, we've traditionally played against a Japanese team, and we've put in a request to play against that same team.

"They are all 60 or 70 years old guys and I think they are dentists, but they are like jockeys, the whole team, we play against them and have a social time.

"They love it just as much as we do.”

Morris said the event was a great social opportunity to meet different people from all over the world.