Go for glam this Jacaranda Thursday.
Go for glam this Jacaranda Thursday. AndreyPopov

Go on, lash out this Jacaranda Thursday

WITH Jacaranda Thursday tomorrow, So U Beauty has been busy beautifying ladies and, yes, purple is the colour of choice.

We have been painting gel polish in every shade of that amazing hue.

But this week we thought we should share what's new in eyes.

Drum roll please, introducing the Lash Lift. Every woman has been totally amazed that a treatment that is performed in 20 minutes can result in such amazing results.

With no maintenance required, lash extensions can last for eight weeks. You can even swim and shower with them.

Now I probably shouldn't mention names but our Mel is totally addicted to having Lash Lifts so talk to her about your droopy lashes and she will tell you how excited she is with the result.

She is so stoked she is wearing eye make-up like she has never before.

That's right the Lash Lift opens the eye enhancing the natural lashes and is suitable for long or short variations.

It is exciting to have a treatment for the lashes that is so quick without any burning or stinging.

We just apply a small rod above the lashes, secure them and apply an advanced formulation containing nourishing and conditioning products so your lashes won't be damaged.

Leave that for around five minutes then apply a neutraliser for another 10 then wash off.

It's so simple you can throw away your lash curler forever. Now you can opt for a tint as well just to complete the look which will be applied after the lifting.

The tint is only left on the lashes for around 1-2 minutes so why not ask for a purple colour for your lashes and keep in the Jacaranda theme.

Then enjoy our beautiful Jacaranda Festival as it will be over in a blink of an eye.

See you soon, Sharon So U Beauty

Sharon Fallon has been a beauty therapist for more than 25 years and owner/operator of So U Beauty in Grafton. She is also a Trendz Beauty and Training educator.