ON THE BALL: Beach Carnivale action.
ON THE BALL: Beach Carnivale action.

Get into the spirit of Carnivale

ARE you ready to dodgeball? A titan at table tennis? Can throw a 180 in darts? You could clean up at the Yamba Beach Carnivale series.

The Beach Carnivale series will take place on the Yamba on June 16-17.

Event People general manager Scott Hollow said it will be a festival of music, sports and food trucks with amusements and activities for the whole family in a fun atmosphere centred around food, sports and the beach.

The multi-sport event is focused around the beach and will include a range of sports, that the community is encouraged to come and try, sports such as volleyball, dodgeball, table tennis and darts to name a few.

Also included is the previously advertised Colour Run as an opener to the event on Saturday and food trucks, beach bar and live music as well as an outdoor live cinema. The event is now on sale with limited numbers per event.

For more information visit www.beachcarnivale. com.au.