Tia Aellerman and Jeremy Jablonski behind the decks at Beats by the Beach.
Tia Aellerman and Jeremy Jablonski behind the decks at Beats by the Beach. Caitlan Charles

GALLERY: Kicking off Youth Week in the sun

WHEN YOU think about the perfect place to listen to music, chill out and enjoy the day, the beach comes to mind immediately.

To kick off Youth Week in the Clarence Valley, Clarence Youth Action, Jempire Events and Clarence Valley Council thought they'd better capitalise on the sunshine we have left and party at the beach.

With the beats pumping and local acts taking to the stage, the day was full of everything you could want - friends, the beach, chilled-out vibes and good music.

Clarence Youth Action president Jeremy Jablonski said the day was a huge success, with lots of people coming down to enjoy the day.

"I think it was pretty good for the first time running the event,” he said.

"The beach vibe has been really cool.”

Secretary Tia Aellerman said it was also fantastic to see younger kids enjoying the day, especially with Sandology there showing them how to build fabulous sandcastles.

Tia added that Youth Week was an important time for the Clarence Valley.

"It's a chance to give youth information, give kids someone to talk to if they need someone to come up to, and just do people can have fun,” she said.

"It's celebrating young people, we're just as much apart of the community as anyone else and it's cool that for a week we get to put on all this cool stuff for young people and bring them together and really push that message that they are contributors to the community like everyone else,” Jeremy added.

For more information, head to the Clarence Youth Action or Clarence Valley Youth Facebook pages.