Tourists and locals alike flood the main streets of Yamba in holiday season
Tourists and locals alike flood the main streets of Yamba in holiday season Debrah Novak

Friendly tourist earns high praise for town

WITH debate raging and millions of dollars being spent to attract our tourist dollar in the Clarence Valley, it may be heartening to hear that perhaps the best advertisement for our area is good old-fashioned service.

The Yamba Chamber of Commerce received this unsolicited letter from a recent visitor, and with their permission it is reproduced here:

"Just wanted to give some feedback about our current stay in Yamba! We regularly holiday here, approx (sic) one week every year, and have done so for a while now.

"We have our 'local' accommodation, our local bait and fuel stop, our local tavern, and these places have welcomed us with beautiful hospitality, and we recommend them to friends and others travelling, but today we had an amazing experience.

"My hubby brought his boat ... yes ... a boat on holiday, and of course, being away from our local boat mechanic, we had an unusual issue crop up. So we had noticed a ute painted up with Adams Marine details on it, so we popped in.

"The service was OUTSTANDING! We were seen immediately, helped to diagnose the issue (which meant the proprietor loaning us a tank, and fuel lines) and treated like regular customers, and when we returned, we were sorted out with effective solutions that were not 'tourist' rate or top price, they were what suited us.

"And when there was a slight issue approaching 5pm, we called and the lovely team BROUGHT parts out to us and helped fit them ... on the boat! No charge, just a friendly 'hope you get a bite, mate!'

"We now have a regular boat shop! We now are falling in love with Yamba as a place to live ... and it's businesses like Adams Marine that sell it.

"Just wanted to let you know that once again Yamba has soothed the soul ... and captured yet another piece.”

They followed up the letter by saying that "Yamba is our home away from home, until we can make it our home”.

Yamba Chamber of Commerce president Gina Lopez said when talking to visitors, for many Yamba is seen as a lifestyle and a dream.

"We are an experience, not just a destination. We are a friendly, helpful, happy community and that is our appeal.

"Building our relationships with each other and building a strong, resilient local economy helps us keep what it is that we hold so precious,” she said.