NO MORE: Council voted to ban the sale and release of helium balloons on its land.
NO MORE: Council voted to ban the sale and release of helium balloons on its land. Contributed

Four things coming up at council committees

Council balloon policy

The issue of balloons on council land has generated considerable debate in the past and could generate a little more as council staff put forward their policy on balloons on Council controlled lands.

The June meeting of council resolved that staff would develop a policy on banning the use and sale of helium balloons on council property for public exhibition and consultation.

The policy outlines helium filled balloons will be restricted at markets, sporting events and at cemeteries but that council compliance officers will not enforce the policy.

Road surface trial

Not the sexiest of items but one which eventually could have positive outcomes for residents who use unsealed roads across the Valley.

The committee will receive the latest report into the gravel road maintenance trial which is already showing glimpses of the way forward, with one section of road showing "excellent” results.

Comments from the August inspection indicated use of locally available materials was proving to be less effective than bringing in higher grade materials from elsewhere.

Importantly, the cost of haulage of high grade material was offset by extended times between interventions.

Yamba service station waste-water

The Environment, Planning and Community committee will be examining an application by the owners of the new Yamba service station to amend their DA.

The amendment would allow discharge from the new their waste-water treatment device to be disposed of through Council's storm water or sewerage system rather than have it removed by a contractor.

After receiving 15 submissions, 14 of which were opposed to the modification, the officers recommendation is to reject the application citing the applicant not demonstrating acceptable environmental impact and the danger of setting a precedent.

Removal of wildlife corridor in Clarenza

Councillors in the Environment, Planning and Community committee will consider whether or not to allow the removal of a wildlife corridor from one lot in a 21 lot subdivision in Clarenza.

The applicant is looking to modify the DA relating to the wildlife corridor following a water course on the grounds the lot will be too small to develop, there is no connectivity with the remainder of the corridor and adjacent lots have no similar impediment.

The council officer recommendation is to refuse application on the grounds the applicant has not adequately justified the need for the amendment and considers it to be a review of application, dealt with under a different section of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act.