Is this mystery dog Jax?
Is this mystery dog Jax? Facebook

FOUND: Mystery dog reunited with owners

CLARENCE Valley residents have remained hopeful that the pixelated image of a thin, timid white dog could solve a year-long mystery.

The white dog was found in bushland at Taree.
The white dog was found in bushland at Taree.

The photograph first appeared on a Mid-North Coast animal rescue Facebook page requesting assistance to trap the dog which had been found wandering around Taree.

However, the pup's striking resemblance to Jax, a white Bull Arab that disappeared from a Minnie Water campground on July 6 last year has caused the post to go viral across the Clarence Valley community.

"Fingers crossed it's Jax and that this story ends with a happily ever after!" Carly Wainwright posted on a Clarence Valley lost pets Facebook page.

"I think the whole Clarence Valley is hoping it is him!" Denise McIntosh added.

Taree resident who assisted with the rescue of the mystery dog Darren Ray said the animal had been living in nearby scrubland for a few weeks.

"Someone posted a few photos of him on Facebook, but it was probably a month or so before anyone took notice," he said.

"A lot of people thought he lived on the Aboriginal mission nearby, but you just don't know how long he's been out there. He could have been dumped, could have run from the fires. There are so many possible scenarios."

Jax has been missing since July 6, 2019.
Jax has been missing since July 6, 2019.




Mr Ray and another rescuer successfully captured the dog on Sunday, giving them a better opportunity to help identify him.

It's understood several photos were sent to Jax' owner Ryan Cochrane.

"Sadly, it's not Jax, which is a really sad outcome for his owners," Mr Ray said.

"He's not fully grown. He's a Bull-Arab cross maybe, probably not even two years old yet, but still only a pup."

It's understood the owners of the young dog were reunited with him after he went missing seven months ago.

"You'd be surprised by how many do make it home," Mr Ray said.

"It doesn't happen very often but when it does, it's a good feeling knowing you've gone out there and helped reunite a family."

A Go Fund Me campaign has since been established for Ace, the young Bull-Arab cross, to assist with his medical expenses as he begins the long road back to health.