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Five years behind bars for violent assault

A SOUTH Grafton man has been sentenced to five years behind bars for committing a violent domestic assault.

Cohen Jacob Ward, 31, was convicted of charges of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, intimidate intend fear or physical harm and contravening an apprehended violence order in Grafton Local Court on Thursday.

Police statements tendered to the court revealed officers were called to a South Grafton home about 9am on January 2, where they saw a woman who "looked to be severely assaulted”.

Officers' statements detailed the extent of her injuries. The woman had significant bruising and swelling to the face that had forced her eyes closed.

About the same time, police arrived at a different South Grafton address where Ward was understood to live.

In a statement tendered to the court, Senior Constable Andrew Zylstra said as he arrived he saw a man run in the front door.

Sen-Constable Zylstra went to the back of the house where Ward ran onto the back deck, stopped to look at the officer before using the deck railing to jump onto the roof.

"There are police everywhere, you can't get away,” he said.

"There's no use jumping and injuring yourself. Come down and talk to us.”

After negotiation, Ward returned to the ground and was handcuffed and searched.

In a statement tendered to the court, Senior Constable William Amos said he noticed Ward had an injury to one knuckle on his left hand that was covered in congealed blood. He also noticed blood on Ward's feet.

Ward was taken to Grafton Police Station, where Sen-Constable Amos said Ward asked if he could wash his hands and take a shower. Sen-Constable Amos suspected the accused was trying to destroy potential evidence.

Magistrate Roger Prowse sentenced Ward on Thursday to five years in custody with a four-year non-parole period.